Ameer Idreis

The Ewald Series

A series of novels following the adventures of Ewald Ellington through new lands of myth beyond his realm of imagination.

Synopsis: Ewald Ellington was a seemingly ordinary boy and a lonely one at that. However his quiet life in his quiet suburb goes awry once he is transported into a fanciful nation hidden from the outside world – the Magic Section. There he witnesses oddities so peculiar that they were beyond the realm of his imagination – moving hospital beds, floating cafeteria tables, flying school buses, and a crystal ball with quite the sense of humour. Little did Ewald know that behind the magic, deep within the forest, a sinister man has returned. Gethin has come back for the Gems of Time, seeking to revive his long lost army with them. When Ewald and his new best friend, Alexander Egond, attempt to find the gems for themselves and protect them from the grasp of Gethin, they quickly become ensnared in his twisted tale.

Design Work

​A number of creative design projects from the cover for a Canadian language dictionary to branding for real and fictional political campaigns.

Canadian Language Dictionary Cover
Abolish ICE Branding
Dumbledore for Minister Branding

The BS Podcast

A conversation between brother and sister.

My sister and I dicuss whatever is on our minds... from pop culture and current events to our personal lives. Nothing is left untouched! In our run, we chatted about the (at the time) latest news on Amanda Bynes, Bill Cosby, and Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, as well as what we did over summer vacation. I've since taken down the episodes at my sister's request but shall forever hold them over her.

The BS Podcast

Words Hurt, Words Heal

A short film following a vicious bullying campaign and the tragic events involved in its aftermath.

Synopsis: Bullying is a problem and cyberbullying is no different. Ameer, in a world much like our own, finds himself to be the target of @UrLocalFreak - a vicious parody account. When the bullying enters the real world, Ameer’s life takes a turn.

Words Hurt, Words Heal - Shot 1
Words Hurt, Words Heal - Shot 2
Words Hurt, Words Heal - Shot 3
Words Hurt, Words Heal - Shot 4
Words Hurt, Words Heal - Shot 5
Words Hurt, Words Heal - Shot 6

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