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Queen’s Model Parliament

A model session of the Canadian House of Commons in which I sat as a Member of Parliament and delivered a speech.

In the 71st session of the Queen’s Model Parliament, we were given the opportunity to propose, debate, and then vote on legislation that we had crafted in the weeks running up to our sitting in the House of Commons. The NDP wanted to invest in our future by nationalizing Elon Musk, weaponizing livestock in order to leave Canadian soil well-guarded, and creating a Death Star of our own. I wasn’t on board.

Advice from Authors

​Interviews with award-winning Canadian authors Kenneth Oppel and Kevin Sylvester.

Kenneth Oppel

Ameer Idreis, a published, 13-year-old writer, is looking for advice. He’s had success with his first book, Ewald and the Gems of Time, but right now Idreis is chatting with an author who got his first big book deal at 14. That’s kind of a big deal.

And Kenneth Oppel, a popular teen fantasy author, happily obliges in this video. Keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas, he suggests.

Idreis interviewed Oppel just before Telling Tales, an annual festival of Children’s Literature, about his start as an author and his writing style.

Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester still sometimes find himself in front of a CBC radio mic. But more often, he’s imagining and illustrating a new book.

He chats with 13-year-old Hamilton author Ameer Idreis, whose second book is due out in a few weeks.

"Good for you, man," Sylvester tells our young interviewer.
Idreis asks for tips: where to write, how to find ideas, what advise can you give?

Sylvester spoke one-on-one with Idreis ahead of Telling Tales, an annual festival of children’s literature.

Alohomora! Podcast

​An episode of Alohomora! that I guest-hosted to discuss Chapter 37 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

‘Alohomora!’ Episode 75: ‘Yay, Death!’

MuggleNet’s global book club Alohomora! continues its reread of the Harry Potter series with Chapter 37 of Goblet of Fire. Join hosts Eric, Michael, Kat, along with guest host Ameer Idreis (author of the Ewald series), as they discuss “The Beginning.”

On Episode 75 we discuss…

→ Episode 74 recap: Prior Priori? Phoenix technicalities; amazing conversations
→ PQotW responses
→ Traumatized Harry and disappearing Diggorys
→ Setting clues
→ Desperately seeking Thestrals
→ Illegal bugging
→ Question of the Week

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